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Cell. 1983 Nov;35(1):127-36.

Activation of gene expression by adenovirus and herpesvirus regulatory genes acting in trans and by a cis-acting adenovirus enhancer element.


A plasmid containing the adenovirus E2 gene, a gene normally requiring E1A-mediated induction during viral infection, is expressed very poorly upon transfection into mouse L cells. If the same plasmid is transfected into 293 cells, which constitutively express the adenovirus E1A gene, or into L cells together with a plasmid containing the E1A gene, the E2 gene is expressed at higher levels. Cotransfection of the E2 plasmid with a plasmid containing the pseudorabies virus (a herpesvirus) immediate early gene results in an even higher increase in the level of E2 expression. In addition, efficient E2 expression in the absence of trans induction was obtained by inserting E1A upstream promoter sequences at the 5' or 3' end of the E2 gene, indicating that these E1A sequences possess enhancer properties. Thus the efficient expression of the E2 gene can be obtained either by a structural change in the gene itself or by a trans-acting induction.

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