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Cell. 1983 Oct;34(3):931-9.

Synapsis and the formation of paranemic joints by E. coli RecA protein.


E. coli RecA protein promotes the homologous pairing of a single strand with duplex DNA even when certain features of the substrates, such as circularity, prohibit the true intertwining of the newly paired strands. The formation of such nonintertwined or paranemic joints does not require superhelicity, and indeed can occur with relaxed closed circular DNA. E. coli topoisomerase I can intertwine the incoming single strand in the paranemic joint with its complement, thereby topologically linking single-stranded DNA to all of the duplex molecules in the reaction mixture. The efficiency of formation of paranemic joints, the time course, and estimates of their length, all suggest that they represent true synaptic intermediates in the pairing reaction promoted by RecA protein.

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