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Cell. 1983 Oct;34(3):815-22.

Structure of the plasmodium knowlesi gene coding for the circumsporozoite protein.


The gene that codes for the surface antigen of Plasmodium knowlesi sporozoites (CS protein) is unsplit and present in the genome in only one copy. The CS protein, as deduced from DNA sequence analysis of the structural gene, has an unusual structure with the central 40% of the polypeptide chain present as 12 tandemly repeated amino acid peptide units flanked by regions of highly charged amino acids. The protein has an amino-terminal hydrophobic amino acid signal sequence and a hydrophobic carboxy-terminal anchor sequence. The coding sequence of the gene has an AT content of 53%, compared with 70% AT in the 5' and 3' flanking sequences, and is contained entirely within an 11 kb Eco RI genomic DNA fragment. This genomic fragment expresses the CS protein in E. coli, indicating that the parasite promoter and ribosome binding site signals can be recognized in E. coli.

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