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J Virol. 1983 Nov;48(2):472-80.

Comparison of the DNA sequence of the Crawford small-plaque variant of polyomavirus with those of polyomaviruses A2 and strain 3.


The DNA sequence of two wild-type strains of polyomavirus (A2 and strain 3) are known. We have determined the majority of the DNA sequence of a third strain, the Crawford small-plaque virus. This virus has been noted for its capacity to induce readily detected tumor-specific transplantation antigen in hamster cells, a property that is most likely attributable to an altered middle T-antigen. A comparison of its DNA sequence with those of the A2 and strain 3 viruses reveals numerous nucleotide substitutions, insertions, and deletions throughout the genome. Most sequence changes in coding regions are silent mutations; however, variability in proteins can be predicted from these sequence data at 5 locations in middle T-antigen, 10 in large T-antigen, and 10 in VP1. The Crawford small-plaque virus noncoding regulatory region contains, in addition to nucleotide substitutions, a 44-base-pair tandem repeat of sequences on the late side of the origin of DNA replication.

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