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Cell. 1983 Aug;34(1):105-13.

Regulation of the genes for E. coli DNA gyrase: homeostatic control of DNA supercoiling.


DNA gyrase is the bacterial enzyme responsible for converting circular DNA to a negatively supercoiled form. We show that the synthesis of DNA gyrase is itself controlled by DNA supercoiling; synthesis is highest when the DNA template is relaxed. The rates of synthesis in vivo of both the A and B subunits of DNA gyrase are increased up to 10-fold by treatments that block DNA gyrase activity and decrease the supercoiling of intracellular DNA. Similarly, efficient synthesis of both gyrase subunits in a cell-free S-30 extract depends on keeping the closed circular DNA template in a relaxed conformation. The results suggest that DNA supercoiling in E. coli is controlled by a homeostatic mechanism. Synthesis of the RecA protein and several other proteins is also increased by treatments that relax intracellular DNA.

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