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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1983 Jul;80(13):3913-7.

Complete nucleotide sequence of the gene for the specific glycoprotein (gp55) of Friend spleen focus-forming virus.


The complete nucleotide sequence of the gene for the specific glycoprotein (gp55) of the polycythemic strain of Friend spleen focus-forming virus (SFFV) was derived from the cloned SFFV DNA intermediate. The gp55 gene is present within 1.4 kilobases of the 5' side of the 3'long terminal repeat sequence. The open reading frame predicts the primary translation product has a total of 409 amino acids with a Mr of 44,752. Comparisons of the deduced amino acid sequence of gp55 with those of the envelope (env) gene products of murine leukemia viruses (MuLVs) revealed that gp55 is composed of three distinct regions. The amino-terminal 80% of the molecule has a high degree of sequence homology with the amino-terminal portion of the gp70 of the Moloney mink cell focus-forming virus (BALB/Mo-MCFV). This portion of the BALB/Mo-MCFV gp70 is known to be coded for by the acquired xenotropic env-like sequence. The sequence of the following 66 amino acids of gp55 is highly homologous to that of the middle portion of the p15E of Moloney MuLV (Mo-MuLV). The sequence of the Carboxyl-terminal 12 amino acids is specific to gp55 and a comparison of the nucleotide sequence showed that this specific amino acid sequence is due to the presence of seven extra nucleotides compared with the sequence of the Mo-MuLV.

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