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Mol Gen Genet. 1983;189(3):382-9.

Genetic determinant of pyocin R2 in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO. II. Physical characterization of pyocin R2 genes using R-prime plasmids constructed from R68.45.


The chromosome segment which contains the genes responsible for production of pyocin R2 in P. aeruginosa PAO was defined physically using R-prime plasmids constructed in vivo from R68.45. The previous conclusion from genetic mapping that the cluster of pyocin R2 genes is located in between trpC and trpE genes was confirmed by deletion mapping of various R prime plasmids bearing the trpC gene. The pyocin R2 gene cluster was further localized on two contiguous HindIII fragments of 16 kb and 8.0 kb. PML14 strain, in which R-type pyocin genes were completely deleted, had only one 11 kb HindIII fragment instead. Heteroduplexes between this 11 kb fragment with the two HindIII fragments of PAO revealed that the cluster of pyocin R2 genes was an insertion 13 kb long.

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