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Am J Hum Genet. 1983 May;35(3):393-408.

Plasma paraoxonase polymorphism: a new enzyme assay, population, family, biochemical, and linkage studies.


Plasma paraoxonase hydrolyzes paraoxon, the principal metabolite of the insecticide parathione. A genetic polymorphism for enzyme activity has been previously demonstrated. We describe a new assay based on the differential inhibition by EDTA of plasma paraoxonase from persons with the high-activity allele (PX*H) that suggests a trimodality of activity levels in population studies. The gene frequency of the low activity allele (PX*L) in 531 Seattle blood donors of European origin was .7207. Family studies were consistent with codominant autosomal inheritance of two alleles, PX*L (low) and PX*H (high), coding for products with different activity levels. Biochemical measurements of sera from presumed homozygotes for the two different alleles revealed minor physicochemical differences suggestive of a structural difference between the allelic products. No evidence for linkage of the paraoxonase locus with any of 19 polymorphic markers would be detected.

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