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Nature. 1983 Jun 2-8;303(5916):396-400.

Identification of transforming gene in two human sarcoma cell lines as a new member of the ras gene family located on chromosome 1.


A molecular clone containing part of the transforming gene from two human sarcoma cell lines, HT1080 and RD, has been obtained and shown to represent a new member of the human ras gene family. The transforming gene has undergone no major rearrangements and has not been amplified in either sarcoma cell line. The major transcript from the gene is 2,200 nucleotides long and is present at the same levels in both normal fibroblasts and tumour cells. The same gene is also activated in HL60, a promyelocytic leukaemia line and in SK-N-SH, a neuroblastoma line. The gene, N-ras, is located on chromosome 1.

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