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Acta Med Scand. 1983;213(3):217-20.

Effects of dietary fiber intake before meals on weight loss and hunger in a weight-reducing club.


The effects of dietary fiber on subjective hunger ratings and weight losses were studied in 135 members of a weight loss club. After a run-in week, 100 members were randomly given one sachet of either bran or ispaghula granulate before meals for two weeks. Thirty-five controls only rated hunger. One hundred and eight members completed the trial: 23 controls, 45 on ispaghula and 40 on bran. No change in hunger ratings was found in the controls. Both fiber preparations lowered hunger ratings during weeks 2 and 3 compared to the run-in week. Ratings were similarly reduced at all meals. The mean (+/- SD) weight reductions during the trial were 4.6 +/- 2.7 kg for the controls, 4.2 +/- 3.2 kg for the ispaghula group and 4.6 +/- 2.3 kg for the bran group (p greater than 0.05 for all). In spite of recent changes in the diet towards food rich in dietary fibers, addition of extra dietary fiber immediately before meals reduced hunger feelings but had no effect on weight reduction.

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