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Nature. 1983 Apr 21;302(5910):706-9.

Stimulation and inhibition of adenylyl cyclases mediated by distinct regulatory proteins.


Adenylyl cyclases are under positive and negative control by guanine nucleotides and hormones. Stimulatory responses are mediated by a guanine nucleotide- and Mg-binding regulatory component (Ns), a protein that has been purified to homogeneity. Inhibitory responses have been hypothesized to be mediated by an analogous regulatory component (Ni) distinct from Ns, but definitive proof for this is lacking and these effects may result from modulation of Ns activity. Recently, Bordetella pertussis toxin has been shown to ADP-ribosylate a peptide that is not part of Ns, and this coincides with attenuation of hormonal inhibition of adenylyl cyclase. We show here that cyc- S49 cells contain a substrate for ADP-ribosylation by pertussis toxin and that the toxin alters GTP dependent inhibition of cyc- adenyl cyclase activity. As cyc- S49 cells do not contain Ns by several criteria, we conclude that Ni is a distinct and separate regulatory component of adenylyl cyclase.

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