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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1982 Jul;79(13):4055-9.

Soybean leghemoglobin gene family: normal, pseudo, and truncated genes.


Leghemoglobin (Lb) genes in soybean represent a small family of closely related genes. Three Lb sequences isolated from a genomic library were analyzed at the nucleotide sequence level. A Lb gene present on an 11.5-kilobase (kb) EcoRI genomic fragment spans approximately 1,200 nucleotides and is interrupted at amino acid positions 32 to 33, 68 to 69, and 103 to 104. The intervening sequences, as well as the 5' and 3' flanking regions of this gene, contain the consensus sequences found in other eukaryotic genes. The length of the 5'-untranslated region is 49 bases as determined by nuclease S1 mapping. R-loop analysis of the DNA from the recombinant phage containing the 11.5-kb EcoRI genomic fragment showed that another Lb gene is located 2.5 kb away. The nucleotide sequence of the second gene showed that this gene is incomplete, containing only exons 3 and 4. The deduced amino acid sequence of this gene, although showing 76% homology with the corresponding region of the other Lb gene, is not represented in any of the known Lb proteins. Both genes are oriented in the same direction with respect to the coding strand. Analysis of the sequence present on a second genomic clone containing a 4.2-kb EcoRI fragment revealed a truncated Lb gene showing homology with the last exon and the noncoding region at the 3' end of the two other Lb genes.

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