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J Steroid Biochem. 1982 Aug;17(2):191-6.

In vitro effects of progesterone and estradiol-17 beta on choleragen activated Xenopus oocyte adenylate cyclase.


The basal cAMP levels of full-grown defoliculated Xenopus oocytes were shown to average 1.2 pmol per oocyte. Follicle cAMP concentration was not significantly different from that of denuded oocyte and was found, when expressed as unit of volume to be independent of follicle size. In vitro gonadotropin treatment of follicle does not affect cAMP accumulation. During the course of progesterone induced maturation we failed to detect any modification of the oocyte cAMP content. Cholera toxin treatment increased cAMP levels; estradiol-17 beta potentialized cholera toxin action and progesterone antagonized it. Estradiol-17 beta was also found to reduce the amount of cholera toxin necessary to inhibit 50% of the progesterone induced meiosis maturation.

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