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J Biol Chem. 1982 Aug 25;257(16):9518-24.

Structure of catabolite gene activator protein at 2.9-A resolution. Incorporation of amino acid sequence and interactions with cyclic AMP.


The amino acid sequence of the Escherichia coli catabolite gene activator protein has been fit into a 2.9-A resolution electron density map. Each subunit of the dimer consists of two structurally distinct domains. The larger NH2-terminal domain is seen to bind cyclic AMP and forms all of the contacts between the subunits. The cyclic AMP is completely buried between the interior of the "beta roll" structure of the large domain and a long alpha helix; it makes important hydrogen-bonding interactions with residues from both subunits. The guanidinium group of a buried Arg makes an internal salt link with the phosphate of cyclic AMP. The 6-amino group of adenine interacts simultaneously with both subunits. This interaction with both subunits and the fact that cyclic GMP and cyclic IMP do not activate catabolite gene activator protein suggest that the binding of cyclic AMP may alter the relative orientation of the two subunits, which in turn would change the structure of a DNA binding site that is presumed to span the two smaller domains. The distribution and nature of side chains in the small domain do not rule out the possibility that catabolite gene activator protein binds to left-handed B-DNA.

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