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Brain Res. 1982 Mar 18;236(1):221-6.

Negative slope conductance due to a persistent subthreshold sodium current in cat neocortical neurons in vitro.


The voltage dependent ionic currents of large layer V neurons of cat sensory/motor cortex were examined in an in vitro slice preparation using a single-microelectrode voltage clamp. These cells exhibit a persistent inward current in a voltage range below spike threshold. This inward current is responsible for the increase of input resistance upon depolarization seen in these cells in response to a constant current pulse and is activated at the same voltages traversed by the membrane potential between spikes during rhythmic firing. The inward current appears to be a persistent sodium current, since it is unaffected by extracellular Ba2+ or Co2+ but is blocked by extracellular TTX or intracellular QX314.

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