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Cell. 1981 Dec;27(2 Pt 1):381-90.

Organization and reorganization of immunoglobulin genes in A-MULV-transformed cells: rearrangement of heavy but not light chain genes.


The structure of immunoglobulin-related gene was analyzed in individual Abelson murine leukemia virus (A-MuLV)-transformed lymphoid cell lines. Essentially all of these lines, whether immunoglobulin-containing or null, had DNA rearrangements in the vicinity of the JH regions on both chromosomes as well as deletions of at least 5 kb of DNA 5' to JH. None of these lines, however, except rare light chain producers, had detectable rearrangement at either their kappa or lambda light chain loci. In contrast to A-MuLV-transformants derived from bone marrow. Those from early fetal liver frequently contained more than two and sometimes 12 or more distinct, rearranged JH-containing fragments. Cellular subclones derived from these lines had a subset, usually two, of the fragments found in the parent line. Therefore, heavy chain gene rearrangement appears to precede that of light chain gene rearrangement and is still continuing in certain cultured A-MuLV transformants.

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