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Ann Genet. 1981;24(2):89-92.

Regional localization of the genes for human HEXB. PGK, GALA. HPRT, G6PD by somatic cell hybridization.


Twenty independent man-mouse (Cl1D,LA/TK-, HPRT-) and man-hamster (CH,HPRT-) hybrids using female human cells with balanced reciprocal translocation XX,t(X;5)(q21;q11) were analyzed for human genes localized on chromosome 5 (HEXB), on chromosome X (PGK, GALA, HPRT, G6PD) and for the different chromosomes in relation with the balanced reciprocal translocation (chr.5, chr.5q-, chr.Xq+, chr.X). The different results obtained indicate that the genes for human markers HEXB, PGK are on Xq+, and that the genes for human markers GALA, G6PD are on 5q-. These data implicate finally the following localizations: HEXB on 5q11 leads to 5qter; PGK on Xq21 leads to Xpter; GALA, HPRT, G6PD on Xq21 leads to Xqter.

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