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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1981 Jul;78(7):4165-9.

Site-specific interaction of DNA gyrase with DNA.


DNA gyrase, in the presence of the inhibitor oxolinic acid, can induce double-strand DNA breakage at specific sites. The sequences at several sites have been determined. In addition, the structure of complexes formed between DNA gyrase and restriction fragments containing an oxolinic acid-promoted cleavage site has been examined by DNase protection methods. DNA gyrase protects more than 120 base pairs of DNA against pancreatic DNase in a region surrounding the cleavage site. Protection is observed both in the presence and absence of oxolinic acid. Protected DNA flanking the cleavage site contains DNase I-sensitive sites spaced on the average 10 or 11 base pairs apart. This result supports the view that, in the DNA gyrase--DNA complex, the DNA is largely wrapped on the outside of the enzyme.

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