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J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1981 Oct;53(4):722-9.

Epinephrine deficiency in hypocorticotropic hypopituitary children.


In rats, adrenal medullary synthesis of epinephrine is impaired by ACTH deficiency and is not improved by replacement doses of glucocorticoid. We have evaluated plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine concentrations in 43 children, 8-15 yr old. These children were divided into 5 groups, with 6-10 per group: normals; children with isolated GH deficiency; hypopituitary children deficient in both GH and TSH; hypopituitary children deficient in GH, TSH, and ACTH; and short children without known organic disease. The deficiencies of ACTH and TSH were being treated with replacement doses of cortisol and T4. Plasma catecholamines were measured in the supine position at rest every other hour from 0800-1600 h, and after exercise in the standing position at 1000 h. Plasma norepinephrine levels, both at rest and after exercise, were normal in all four groups of short children. Resting and postexercise plasma epinephrine levels were reduced to 10-20% of normal in the hypocorticotropic hypopituitary patients, and were normal in the other three groups of short children.

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