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Somatic Cell Genet. 1981 Jul;7(4):411-21.

Expression of SV40 T antigen in finite life-span hybrids of normal and SV40-transformed fibroblasts.


The fusion of normal human fibroblasts with SV40-transformed human fibroblasts resulted in hybrid clones, 85% of which exhibited a finite in vitro life-span. Foci of rapidly dividing cells appeared in 15% of the hybrid clones. The cells within these foci repopulated the culture and could then be subcultured through more than 100 population doublings. One or two foci of dividing cells occurred per culture of 10(5) or more cells. The change to an indefinite life-span was, therefore, a rare event. All hybrid clones, including those that exhibited a finite in vitro life-span, expressed viral T antigen. Thus, even though viral DNA was present and being expressed in all hybrid clones, the senescent phenotype was dominant in these hybrids.

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