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J Physiol. 1981;313:405-14.

Localization of sodium pump sites in cat pancreas.


1. Cat pancreases were exposed to [3H]ouabain either by perfusion, or by incubation of slices, with Krebs--Henseleit bicarbonate solution containing [3H]ouabain, and [3H]ouabain binding sites were localized by light microscopical autoradiography. 2. Acinar cells were found to possess only a few [3H]ouabain binding sites located on the basolateral plasma membranes. 3. The epithelial cells lining the intercalated and interlobular ducts were heavily labelled. The [3H]ouabain binding sites were located on the basolateral membranes. 4. Since secretion of pancreatic juice can be abolished by ouabain, it is concluded that the duct cells, especially those of the numerous small (intercalated) and intermediate-sized (interlobular) ducts are responsible for pancreatic secretion of electrolytes and water. 5. The localization of the (Na+ + K+)-activated ATPase to the basolateral membranes of the cells excludes a direct role of the transport enzyme in the secretion of Na+. However, a model is proposed where the Na+ + K+)-activated ATPase plays a crucial, though indirect role in pancreatic secretion of electrolytes and water.

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