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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1978 Feb 21;507(2):219-29.

Anion diffusion selectivity in a pore model. The phosphatidylcholine-water lamellar phase.


The diffusion coefficients D(cm2.s-1) of the sodium salts of a series of hydrophilic mono- and dicarboxylic acids, have been measured in the hydrophilic layers of phosphatidylcholine-water lamellar phases, as a function of phase hydration. At pH 9.0, the diffusion rates of the anionic (RCOO-) form of the acid exhibit a prominent increase within a narrow range of water content, specific to each anion. This high diffusion rate seems to occur when the Stokes diameter of an anion is equal to the thickness of the aqueous layer between the two planes formed by the quaternary ammonium groups of the choline phosphate dipoles of two facing layers of phosphatidylcholine molecules. This phenomenon demonstrates the importance of the spatial organization of successive binding sites in the rate constant of diffusional processes in hydrophilic channels.

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