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J Med Virol. 1980;6(2):119-27.

Humoral immune response to virions and dense bodies of human cytomegalovirus determined by enzyme immunofluorescence assay.


An enzyme immunoassay utilizing a fluorogenic substrate (EIFA) was employed to compare humoral antibody responses to purified virion and dense body antigens in human cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections. Results of these antibody assays were also compared to those obtained by plaque reduction neutralization and complement fixation (CF). In adults with CMV infections diagnosed by a significant rise in CF antibody titer, there was also a vigorous antibody response to the virion and dense body antigens. There was better correlation between antibody levels to the virion and dense body antigens than between antibody levels detected by other combinations of tests. Antibody responses to the virion and dense body antigens were similar, but not identical, suggesting that although the two structures share major antigens, they may also possess unique antigens to which the host can mount independent antibody responses. All individuals with CMV neutralizing antibody also had virion and dense body antibodies, but there was poor correlation between neutralization titers and those detected by EIFA, perhaps reflecting greater strain specificity of the neutralization test. Some individuals with serological diagnoses of Mycoplasma pneumoniae or influenza A infection showed fourfold or greater antibody titer rises to CMV in two or more assays, suggesting reactivation of latent CMV in these infections.

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