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Gene. 1980 Nov;11(3-4):333-46.

Nucleotide sequence heterogeneity of the RNA from a natural population of foot-and-mouth-disease virus.


The genomic RNA from isolates of foot-and-mouth-disease virus (FMDV) of serological types O or C obtained during epizootic outbreaks have been analysed by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of the T1 RNase-generated oligonucleotides (T1 fingerprinting). Among virus isolates that are closely related serologically, 4-12 oligonucleotide changes were detected constitute the genome, the variations affect 0.7%-2.2% positions in FMDV RNA. Higher nucleotide-sequence divergence exists between the genomic RNAs from serologically unrelated viruses, while a 100-fold lower RNA sequence heterogeneity has been detected by analysis of individual clones derived from one viral isolate. Oligonucleotide mapping indicates that the variant oligonucleotides are scattered throughout the FMDV genome. We suggest that extensive genetic variability at many RNA sites is the basis for the antigenic diversity of FMDV.

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