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Allergy. 1980 Jun;35(4):291-6.

Effect of Bordetella pertussis vaccination in mice and the isolated tracheal response to isoprenaline.


The administration of Bordetella pertussis vaccine to mice has been associated with the development of an impaired beta-adrenoceptor responsiveness and in many respects has resembled human asthma. Trachea (n = 12) were isolated from Swiss-Webster mice 5 days following the intraperitoneal administration of 2 x 10(9) B. pertussis organisms. The tracheal smooth muscle response to carbachol was measured and compared with that found in trachea from unvaccinated mice (n = 15). The contractile response was similar in both groups. The tracheal smooth muscle relaxant effects of isoproterenol were measured in these two groups. The EC50 value for isoprenaline (6.5 x 10(-7) M) in trachea from B. pertussis treated mice was significantly (P < 0.05) greater than that noted in the control animals (2.3 x 10(-7) M). These studies demonstrated that in tracheal smooth muscle isolated from B. pertussis vaccinated mice, the relaxant effects of isoprenaline are impaired.

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