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J Physiol. 1980 Apr;301:281-93.

Characteristics of histamine release evoked by acetylcholine in isolated rat mast cells.


1. Histamine secretion from rat mast cells occurs in the presence of nanomolar concentrations of acetylcholine. 2. Intact glycolytic and oxidative metabolism is required for the acetylcholine-induced histamine secretion. Removal of extracellular glucose, hypoxia, cyanide and monoiodoacetate almost completely inhibit the secretion. 3. The secretion of histamine is dependent on the extracellular H ion concentration and is blocked when the cells are exposed to Na-deficient media. 4. The order of potency of cholinrgic agonists in evoking the secretion of histamine is oxotremorine > acetylcholine > choline > carbamycholine > nicotine. 5. Atropine competitively blocks the acetylcholine-induced histamine secretion, indicating the presence of cholinergic muscarinic receptors on mast cells. 6. Dibutyryl cyclic AMP and adrenaline inhibit the acetylcholine-induced histamine secretion, indicating a regulatory function afforded by cyclic nucleotides in the cholinergic histamine release.

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