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Mol Gen Genet. 1980;178(2):271-9.

Genetics and physiology of the rel system of Bacillus subtilis.


Stringent factor (ATP:GTP-3' pyrophosphotransferase) has been purified from wild type Bacillus subtilis and it has been shown that guanosine tetra- and pentaphosphate (ppGpp and pppGpp) are synthesized in vitro in the presence of ribosomes, unacylated tRNA and its specific codon, as has been demonstrated in Escherichia coli. relA, the genetic determinant for the stringent factor, has been mapped on the B. subtilis chromosome by transduction and is found between aroD and leu. The relC locus, defined by mutations which were originally selected by resistance to thiostrepton, has been mapped adjacent to spoOH in the order cysA, spoOH, relC, rif. Sringent factor and ribosomes are functional for the in vitro synthesis of (p)ppGpp in early stages of sporulation (up to at least 4 h). This contradicts the findings of other laboratories.

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