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J Biol Chem. 1980 Jul 10;255(13):6355-67.

The isolation of the beta A-, beta C-, and gamma-globin genes and a presumptive embryonic globin gene from a goat DNA recombinant library.


As an approach to understand how the expression of globin genes are regulated during development, clones containing globin DNA sequences were selected from a recombinant library of goat genomic DNA. The type of globin gene present in each of the recombinants was determined by cross-hybridization to the DNA of mouse alpha- and beta-globin cDNA-containing plasmids. Of 11 clones isolated, eight hybridized specifically to the DNA of the mouse beta-globin plasmid, while one clone hybridized only to the DNA of the alpha globin plasmid. The location of each globin sequence within its DNA insert was determined by a combination of restriction enzyme mapping and Southern transfer-hybridizations. Selected fragments were sequenced; comparisons of the amino acids coded for by these regions with those of the goat globins identified clones carrying beta A-, beta C-, and gamma-globin genes. Another recombinant coded for amino acid sequences resembling, but not identical with, the known goat globins, and was identified tentatively as containing an embryonic or epsilon-gene. Detailed analysis of the clone containing the beta C gene and an overlapping clone revealed that three other beta-like sequences are located 6, 12, and 21 kilobases on the 5'-side of the beta C gene. The globin sequence of the locus nearest to the beta C gene has an altered translation termination codon and, if transcribed and translated, would give a globin chain seven amino acids longer than the normal goat beta C-globin. In addition, the sequence following this termination codon is very AT-rich, unlike that of other globin genes. The recombinants described contain extensive regions of DNA surrounding the globin genes, making them useful for identifying regulatory sequences as well as determining the sequence organization of the goat globin genes.

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