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Gene. 1984 Jan;27(1):3-11.

Genetics of bacteriophage phi 80--a review.


The genetic maps of bacteriophage lambda and lambdoid phage phi 80 are compared. The gene organization of phi 80 is very similar to that of lambda, as shown by isolation and characterization of many am, ts and c (clear) mutants of the phage. In general, the essential genes located in the same position on the genetic map of the phages lambda and phi 80 fulfill the same functions. These include the gene clusters coding for the head and tail proteins, genes for DNA synthesis, and the genes controlling lysogeny and late gene expression. The specific regulatory features of phi 80 in relation to the N function of lambda are discussed, but they require further clarification. The two phages differ in immunity specificity, host range, conversion property and temperature sensitivity.

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