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Somatic Cell Genet. 1982 Jan;8(1):95-104.

Assignment of the human gene for muscle-type phosphofructokinase (PFKM) to chromosome 1 (region cen leads to q32) using somatic cell hybrids and monoclonal anti-M antibody.


Human phosphofructokinase (PFK; EC is under the control of three structural loci which encode muscle-type (M), live-type (L), and platelet-type (P) subunits; human diploid fibroblasts and leukocytes express all three loci. In order to assign human PFKM locus to a specific chromosome we have analyzed human x Chinese hamster somatic cell hybrids for the expression of human M subunits, using an anti-human M subunit-specific mouse monoclonal antibody. In 18 of 19 hybrids studied, the expression of the PFKM locus segregated concordantly with the presence of chromosome 1 (discordance rate 0.05) as indicated by chromosome and isozyme marker analysis. The discordance rates for all the other chromosomes were 0.32 or greater, indicating that the PFKM locus is on chromosome 1. For the regional mapping of PFKM, eight hybrids were studied that contained one of five distinct regions of chromosome 1. These results further localize the human PFKM locus to region cen leads to q32 chromosome 1.

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