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Cancer. 1984 Dec 1;54(11):2330-7.

Stages IE and IIE non-Hodgkin's lymphomas of the stomach. Comparison of treatment modalities.


Seventy-nine patients with Stages IE and IIE non-Hodgkin's lymphomas of the stomach were treated between 1953 and 1980. The histopathologic classification was as follows: diffuse large cell, 61 (of which 23 were immunoblastic sarcomas [plasmacytoid]); diffuse well-differentiated lymphocytic, 6; diffuse mixed, 1; undifferentiated non-Burkitt's, 1; nodular, 9; and unclassifiable, 1. Thirty-five patients had Stage IE disease and 44 had Stage IIE. Treatment modalities included surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and combinations thereof. Sixty-six patients had a laparotomy for diagnosis and/or management. Of these, only 42 had a gastrectomy. The stomach was considered to be unresectable in the other 24 patients. There were 5 postoperative deaths among 31 patients who had a laparotomy or gastrectomy at our institution. The overall 5-year actuarial survival was 56%; the disease-free survival was 54%. For patients with Stage IE disease the survival was 76%, and for those with Stage IIE, 42%. Promising results were obtained in 13 patients who were treated on a multimodality program consisting of four cycles of cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone (CHOP) plus bleomycin (Bleo), which was alternated with involved field radiotherapy. All 13 patients had no evidence of disease as of this report. Only one patient had a relapse (Waldeyer's ring), and he was salvaged with radiotherapy. Six of these 13 were diagnosed by endoscopic biopsy and did not have a laparotomy, 3 were found to have unresectable disease at laparotomy, and 4 had a resection. Biopsy with the flexible fiberscope and treatment with CHOP-Bleo and radiotherapy can avoid the morbidity and mortality of gastrectomy.

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