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Exp Gerontol. 1984;19(3):171-8.

Centrophenoxine increases the rates of total and mRNA synthesis in the brain cortex of old rats: an explanation of its action in terms of the membrane hypothesis of aging.


The rates of total and polyA+ RNA (mRNA) synthesis were measured by radioisotope technique in the brain cortex of female CFY rats. There was practically no significant difference between the young (1.5 months) and adult (13 months) rats; however, the old group (26 months) displayed a considerable decrease of the rates of synthesis of both classes of RNA studied. Centrophenoxine treatment (100 mg per kg body weight per day, for 2 months) reversed this tendency, and increased significantly the synthesis rates of old rats almost to the adult level. The results are interpreted in terms of the membrane hypothesis of aging, attributing a free-radical scavenger function of the dimethylamino-ethanol incorporated into the nerve cell membrane from the centrophenoxine.

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