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FEBS Lett. 1984 Feb 13;167(1):1-4.

Effects of analogues of adenosine and methyl xanthines on insulin sensitivity in soleus muscle of the rat.


The concentration of insulin that produces half-maximal stimulation of glycolysis by stripped soleus muscle preparations is markedly increased by the adenosine analogues, 2-chloroadenosine and N6-phenylisopropyladenosine, but is markedly decreased by the methyl xanthine analogue, 8-phenyltheophylline. 2-Chloroadenosine increases the concentration of insulin required to stimulate glycolysis half maximally, from about 100 to 2000 mu units/ml. 8-Phenyltheophylline decreases this concentration of insulin from about 100 to 10 mu units/ml, an effect which is similar to that produced either by addition of adenosine deaminase to the medium or to exercise-training of the donor animals for 4 weeks.

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