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Am J Hum Genet. 1984 Jan;36(1):110-22.

Heritable fragile sites on human chromosomes. XI. Factors affecting expression of fragile sites at 10q25, 16q22, and 17p12.


The fragile sites at 10q25, 16q22, and 17p12 can all be induced in lymphocyte culture by BrdU or BrdC added 6-12 hrs prior to harvest. Without induction, fra(10)(q25) is rarely expressed spontaneously, whereas fra(16)(q22) is frequently expressed spontaneously. Fra(17)(p12) is frequently expressed spontaneously but is probably expressed only after induction in some individuals. Distamycin A, netropsin, and Hoechst 33258 induced high levels of expression of fra(16)(q22) and fra(17)(p12) but did not enhance expression of fra(10)(q25). The mechanisms of induction of fra(16)(q22) by BrdU and distamycin A appear to be different, since the time of induction by BrdU reaches a maximum about 12 hrs prior to harvest whereas induction by distamycin A requires much longer exposure. The fragile sites at 10q25 and 16q22 were both induced in fibroblast culture by BrdU. Fra(17)(p12) is accepted as a fragile site because preliminary studies show that it behaves similarly in lymphocyte culture to fra(16)(q22); however, there is only limited evidence for fragility at 17p12.

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