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Immunol Rev. 1983;74:29-56.

Characterization of the murine antigenic determinant, designated L3T4a, recognized by monoclonal antibody GK1.5: expression of L3T4a by functional T cell clones appears to correlate primarily with class II MHC antigen-reactivity.


We describe here the properties of mAb GK1.5, which recognizes a cell surface molecule designated L3T4; the determinant on L3T4 recognized by mAb GK1.5 is designated L3T4a. We present evidence here that: i) the expression of L3T4a by murine T cell clones correlates primarily with class II MHC antigen-reactivity; ii) mAb GK1.5 blocks all class II MHC antigen-specific functions (cytolysis, proliferation, release of lymphokines) by murine class II MHC antigen-reactive T cell clones, although there appears to be clonal heterogeneity in the degree to which these functions are blocked by mAb GK1.5; iii) mAb GK1.5 blocks class II MHC antigen-specific release of IL-2 from cloned T cell hybridomas by blocking class II MHC antigen-specific binding; and iv) L3T4 is very similar to the human Leu3/T4 antigen. The properties of mAb GK1.5 (complement fixation, reactivity with all mouse strains tested, profound blocking of all class II MHC antigen-specific functions by murine T cells, usefulness for FACS analyses, and usefulness for immuno-precipitation/SDS-PAGE analyses) make it suitable for investigating both the role of class II MHC antigen-reactive T cells in various immunological phenomena and the mechanistic basis, at the molecular level, of class II MHC antigen-reactivity by murine T cells.

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