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Cell. 1983 Aug;34(1):37-45.

The cloned dopa decarboxylase gene is developmentally regulated when reintegrated into the Drosophila genome.


The Drosophila dopa decarboxylase gene, Ddc, functions normally when reintroduced into flies. DNA containing a cloned Ddc gene inserted into a P element transposon was injected into early embryos. Transformants were identified by suppression of the cuticular phenotype of a Ddc mutant allele. The reintegrated genes are expressed in the proper tissue and at the proper stages during development even though their positions within the genome are different from that of the wild-type Ddc gene. Absolute levels of DDC enzyme activity are within 35% of that found in wild-type Canton S flies, the source of the transforming DNA. The transformants' Ddc RNA is indistinguishable from that of wild type. One reintegrated Ddc gene, inserted on the X chromosome, is affected by the dosage compensation mechanism that leads to sex-specific differences in the expression of many X-chromosome genes.

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