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Nature. 1983 Feb 24;301(5902):720-2.

An idiotypic determinant formed by both immunoglobulin constant and variable regions.


Immunoglobulin idiotypes are serologically defined determinants associated with the variable (V) region of antibody molecules (reviewed in refs 1-4). One of the best defined idiotype systems is that borne by the phosphorylcholine (PC)-binding IgA proteins TEPC15 (T15) and HOPC8 (H8). The T15 idiotype, defined by sera raised in A strain mice, or in rabbits, is considered identical to that expressed by the majority of BALB/c anti-PC antibodies. To define the idiotypic determinants (idiotopes) of which the T15 idiotype is comprised, monoclonal anti-T15 antibodies were used here to examine both serum and monoclonal anti-PC antibodies. The latter were found to differ from T15 with respect to the idiotope defined by the monoclonal anti-idiotope antibody, 21A5, in that the '21A5 idiotope' was absent from anti-PC sera; of the monoclonal anti-PC antibodies examined, only those which were both T15+ and of the IgA isotype seemed to express this idiotype fully. This result suggests that not only the V region, but also the constant (C) region, of the immunoglobulin molecule can contribute to the formation of an idiotypic determinant. Isotype-restricted idiotopes may be involved in the regulation of antibody responses of particular classes.

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