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Cell. 1983 Jan;32(1):191-9.

DNA clones and RNA transcripts of four lampbrush loops from the Y chromosome of Drosophila hydei.


Drosophila hydei clones representing transcribed middle-repetitive sequences from four of six major lampbrush loops of the Y chromosome were isolated. Sequences homologous to each clone are clustered in a particular locus on the Y chromosome, but additional euchromatic sites were found for one of the transcribed clones. In situ hybridization to lampbrush-loops RNA permitted the identification of clones homologous with the two "nooses" loops on YS and with the "clubs" and "tubular ribbons" on the YL arm. Loop-specific nuclear RNA molecules range in size from 10S to 60S. Loop RNA is accumulated in the nucleus and remains attached to the loops during the course of primary spermatocyte growth. It disappears, however, along with the loop structures, during the first meiotic prophase. The structure and function of the Y chromosome and its lampbrush loops are briefly considered in the light of these findings.

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