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J Neurochem. 1983 Jan;40(1):47-54.

P2 protein in oligodendrocytes and myelin of the rabbit central nervous system.


P2 protein, a myelin-specific protein, was detected immunocytochemically and biochemically in rabbit central nervous system (CNS) myelin. P2 protein was synthesized by rabbit oligodendrocytes and was present in varying amounts throughout the rabbit CNS. Comparison of P2 and myelin basic protein (MBP) stained sections revealed that P2 antiserum did not stain all myelin sheaths within the rabbit CNS. The proportion of myelin sheaths stained by P2 antiserum and the amount of P2 detected biochemically were greater in more caudal regions of the rabbit CNS. The highest concentration of P2 protein was found in rabbit spinal cord myelin, where P2 antiserum stained the majority of myelin sheaths. P2 protein was barely detectable biochemically in myelin isolated from frontal cortex, and in sections of frontal cortex only occasional myelin sheaths reacted with P2 antiserum. These results suggest the the regional variations in the amount of P2 protein are dut to regional differences in the number of myelin sheaths that contain P2 protein. P2 protein was detected immunocytochemically and biochemically in rabbit sciatic nerve myelin. Immunocytochemically, P2 antiserum only stained a portion of the myelin sheaths present. The myelin sheaths not reacting with P2 antiserum had small diameters and represented less than 10% of the total myelinated fibers.

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