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Int J Cancer. 1982 Aug 15;30(2):161-5.

Effects of human gamma interferon on cell growth, replication of virus and induction of 2'-5'oligoadenylate synthetase in three human lymphoblastoid cell lines and K562 cells.


Human alpha interferon (IFN-alpha) and beta interferon (IFN-beta) showed antiviral and anticellular effects on human lymphoblastoid Daudi and P3HR-1 cells, but up to 1,000 units/ ml of gamma interferon (IFN-gamma) showed no such effect. Though a fairly high level of dsRNA-dependent 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase (2-5A synthetase) was found in Daudi cells, treatment of these cells with IFN-alpha and beta enhanced the enzyme level in cells at least four-fold, but IFN-gamma did not show any such effect. Lymphoblastoid Raji cells were insensitive to the antiviral and anticellular activities of IFN-alpha, beta and gamma, but 2-5A synthetase was induced in cells by the treatment with IFN-alpha and beta, though the enzyme level was lower than that found in interferon-treated Daudi cells. Human leukemic K562 cells were completely insensitive to IFN-alpha, beta and at the same time to IFN-gamma with regard to the antiviral, anticellular activities and to the induction of 2-5A synthetase.

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