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Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 1982 Jun 11;297(1088):459-80.

Strategies of mixed substrate utilization in microorganisms.


In natural and man-made environments microorganisms often grow in the presence of a diversity of functionally similar substrates. The pattern of utilization of these mixed substrates is generally dependent upon their concentration. When substrates are present in high (not growth-limiting) concentrations, sequential utilization and diauxic growth is often observed and the substrate that supports the highest growth rate is utilized preferentially from the mixture. When the substrate concentrations are growth-limiting, simultaneous utilization of the various compounds present in the mixture appears to be the general response. Recent studies on mixed substrate utilization in both batch and continuous cultures have thrown light on the strategies of the control mechanisms that, in microbes, govern the utilization of the various substrates. But perhaps more importantly these studies have indicated the possible significance of mixed substrate utilization in microbial competition in nutrient-limited natural ecosystems.

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