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Gene. 1981 Dec;16(1-3):141-8.

The nucleotide sequence of the mouse embryonic beta-like y-globin messenger RNA as determined from cloned cDNA.


We have determined the nucleotide sequence of two cloned cDNAs corresponding to the mRNA of mouse embryonic y2 globin. The combined overlapping sequences span a total of 480 bp, beginning at the codon corresponding to amino acido residue 21 and extending to the AATAAA sequence in the 3' untranslated region. Therefore, when the amino acid sequence encoded by the cDNA is combined with the available amino acid sequence, a complete y2 protein sequence can be obtained. Comparisons, at the nucleotide level, between the known beta- and beta-like globin sequences and the y2 sequence show that the embryonic, fetal-adult duplication occurred approx. 160 million years (MY) ago and that the embryonic-fetal duplication occurred approx. 100 MY ago.

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