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Am J Vet Res. 1981 Nov;42(11):1966-70.

Serum amylase and lipase activities in the diagnosis of pancreatitis in dogs.


To determine the usefulness of information provided by measurement of serum amylase activity in the evaluation of dogs for pancreatitis, the relationship of amylase activity to lipase activity in 713 paired serum samples was investigated by statistical analysis. Little change in mean amylase concentration was found until lipase values exceeded 800 U/L. The ranges of amylase activity (mean +/- 2 SD) were essentially the same for dogs with no pancreatitis (0 to 100 U of lipase activity/L) as for dogs with a high probability for the disease (700 to 799 U of lipase activity/L), 0 to 4,029 U/L and 857 to 4,869 U/L, respectively. Pathologic findings from biopsy and necropsy reports from 92 dogs for which serum lipase determinations were done indicated that serum lipase increased not only with pancreatitis, but also with other medical problems, such as renal and hepatic disease. It was concluded that determination of serum amylase activity without knowledge of serum lipase activity was of little value to diagnose pancreatitis. High amylase activity was not specific for pancreatitis and low amylase activity could not rule out the disease. The results of this study also showed that low serum lipase values almost always eliminated the possibility of pancreatitis and that high values were often, but not always, diagnostic for pancreatitis.

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