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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1981 Mar 20;642(1):196-202.

The dependence of the conductance and lifetime of gramicidin channels on the thickness and tension of lipid bilayers.


The lifetimes of channels formed by natural gramicidin and its dimeric analog in monoglyceride lipid bilayers of various compositions were investigated. The bilayer surface tension was altered by changing the length of the monoglycerides' fatty acid chain or the chain length of hydrocarbon solvent by isomerization or saturation of the lipid, by varying the amount of solvent in the bilayer, and by changing the salt composition of the aqueous solutions. The logarithms of mean channel lifetimes were found to be proportional to the surface tension of the membrane irrespective of how the surface tension was changed. In contrast, no simple relationship between channel conductance and surface tension or bilayer thickness was found.

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