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Nucleic Acids Res. 1981 Jan 10;9(1):65-84.

The construction, identification and characterisation of plasmids containing human alpha-lactalbumin cDNA sequences.


We describe the cloning of double-stranded cDNA synthesized from lactating human mammary gland total poly(A)-containing RNA, into the EcoRI site of the plasmid pAT153. Nine recombinants were shown to contain alpha-lactalbumin cDNA sequences as determined by positive hybridisation translation of complementary RNA. Restriction enzyme maps were determined for six of these. Alignment of the restriction map with the known amino acid sequence of human alpha-lactalbumin provided evidence that two plasmids, designated phO-53 and phB-35, contained the complete coding sequence of the primary translation product (pre-alpha-lactalbumin). Hybridisation studies using purified human, monkey and guinea-pig alpha-lactalbumin cDNA demonstrated that greater nucleotide sequence divergence has occurred within the rodents than the primates, and that rodent alpha-lactalbumin mRNAs retain regions of homology with primate alpha-lactalbumin mRNAs.

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