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Chem Biol Interact. 1981 Mar 15;34(3):315-22.

Dose-related effects of dichloromethane on rat brain in short-term inhalation exposure.


Male Wistar rats were exposed to 500, 1000 or 100 ppm as time-weighted average (t.w.a.) concentrations of dichloromethane vapour. The 1000 (t.w.a.) ppm exposure consisted of two 1-h peak concentrations (2800 ppm) on a basal exposure of 100 ppm. All exposures lasted for 6 h, 5 days weekly and for 2 weeks. The solvent burdens were analyzed in the perirenal fat samples which showed a relation to the dose with the highest values in the 1000 (t.w.a.) ppm exposures. The solvent concentrations increased in the perirenal fat between the two weeks of exposure. Blood carbon monoxide concentrations did not accurately reflect the body solvent burdens. Neurochemical effects also displayed a dose relationship, and included decreased succinate dehydrogenase activity in the cerebellum at the two higher doses and increased acid proteinase activity at 1000 ppm in the cerebrum. Withdrawal of the animals for 7 days from the 2-week exposure showed that the biochemical changes were largely abolished with the exception of decreased succinate dehydrogenase activity at 1000 ppm (t.w.a.).

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