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Gene. 1980 Jun;10(1):1-10.

The nucleotide sequence of a cloned human leukocyte interferon cDNA.


We have determined the nucleotide sequence of the human leukocyte interferon cDNA carried in hybrid plasmid Z-pBR322(Pst)/HcIF-2h, which has been shown to direct the formation of a polypeptide with human leukocyte interferon activity (Nagata et al., 1980). The 910 base pair insert contains a 567 (or 543) base pair coding sequence, which determines a putative preinterferon polypeptide consisting of a signal peptide of 23 (or less likely 15) amino acids, followed by an interferon polypeptide of 166 amino acids (calculated molecular weight, 19 390). The coding sequence is preceded by a (most likely incomplete) 56 bp leader and followed by a 242 bp trailer and seven A residues from the poly(A) tail: A comparison of the sequence of 35 amino terminal amino acids of lymphoblastoid interferon (Zoon et al., 1980; M. Hunkapiller and L. Hood, personal communication) and the corresponding sequence deducted for leukocyte interferon revealed 9 differences. This suggests that these two interferons are encoded by two non-allelic genes.

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