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Mol Cell Biochem. 1984;58(1-2):9-35.



This paper is intended as a background to the topic of transglutaminases, while focusing on current ideas regarding the biological roles of these enzymes. Specifically, the following topics are discussed: geometry of forming gamma-glutamyl-epsilon-lysine cross-linked structures; energetic considerations; the gamma-glutamyl-epsilon-lysine cross-link; amine incorporation assays; artefactual incorporation of amines in cells and tissue homogenates; synthetic substrate systems; regulation of transglutaminase activities; strategies for probing transglutaminase-mediated events in biological systems; the blood clotting paradigm; transglutaminase and cell aging: the Ca2+-enriched human erythrocyte; transglutaminase and cell activation: the thrombin-stimulated human platelet and the fertilized sea urchin egg.

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