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J Nutr. 1983 Mar;113(3):531-7.

Effect of a vitamin B-12-deficient diet on lipid and fatty acid composition of spinal cord myelin in the fruit bat.


The effects of vitamin B-12 deficiency on lipids and fatty acids of spinal cord myelin were studied in control and vitamin B-12-deficient fruit bats. Very low plasma and brain vitamin B-12 concentrations were present in animals fed the vitamin B-12-free, all fruit diet. Myelin was isolated from the spinal cord of control and vitamin B-12-deficient animals (n = 3 pools) by means of a flotation method in a discontinuous sucrose gradient. The molar concentration of cholineglycerophosphatide was significantly lower in the deficient bats than in the controls. The molar cholesterol: phospholipid ratio in the deficient bats was also significantly lower. The odd-chain fatty acid 15:1 was not detected in cholineglycerophosphatide from the controls, but comprised 1.4% of the total fatty acids in the deficient group. The odd-chain fatty acids 15:0, 17:1 and 19:0 were present in slightly higher amounts in cholineglycerophosphatide of deficient bats. Lipid and fatty acid differences were related to the vitamin B-12-requiring methionine synthetase and methylmalonyl CoA mutase reactions.

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