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Horm Metab Res. 1982 Jul;14(7):351-6.

A comparative study of two insulin secretion inhibitors: somatostatin and diazoxide.


We studied the effect of the ionophere A 23187 and of phosphodiesterase inhibitors and activators (Theophylline, Pentoxiphylline and Imidazol) on insulin secretion and on the pool of free tubulin in rat pancreas in the presence of somatostatin and diazoxide. The results suggest that: 1. The inhibitory effect of somatostatin on insulin secretion does not seem to be related mainly to an inhibition of cAMP production. The decrease in calcium translocation induced by somatostatin could inhibit the cAMP participation in the mechanism of hormonal secretion. 2. Somatostatin seems to inhibit the movement of calcium towards the cytoplasm from outside and from within the cell. Diazoxide seems to inhibit only the entrance of calcium from outside the cell but does not seem to inhibit the entrance determined by theophylline and pentoxiphylline from intracellular compartments. 3. Arginine glucose stimulation in the presence of A 23187-induced calcium translocation is able to determine insulin secretion although cAMP degradation is increased by imidazol. 4. Somatostatin and diazoxide inhibit pancreatic tubulin polimerization; however, the effect seem to be indirect and related to the inhibition of calcium translocation determined by both substances.

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